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Darkness and light is what is within every living creature. The sky themselves reflected the symbols of these two. The stars standing for the light, while the sky's black vale representing the darkness. Only one creature was able to see both of these continuously. Floating in the dark was a sphere of green and blue. Life burst throughout the surface and the water, giving more colors to the land and giving light to the darkness. Only one being protected the light within the darkness. A massive green dragon glided between the layers of the darkness and light.

His gold eyes watched the round world glisten and glow with its beauty. He felt proud about his responsibility to protect the world from things that wish to harm it. The dragon flew around the world constantly, destroying anything that came into its sight. As it was doing another of its rounds when a group of dark light began to form in the distance, heading towards the world with great and devastating speed. The dragon turned its massive head to the dark light to see three massive black stones hurtling to the earth. With a massive roar, it charge to the three stones and took a deep breath. A beam of light formed in its mouth and it aimed at the rocks.

Pieces of the stones flew away from the world when the beam hit two of the stones. The last, however, kept its pace and continued its aim to the world. The dragon, frustrated, charged its beam once more to hit the rock. As the beam hit its target a fourth had appeared behind the destruction. Caught off guard the stone came extremely close to the world. The dragon turned away from the shattered rock and flew to the other stone, trying to get closer to it. With the last beam it could create, it aimed at the stone and blew it to pieces.

Roaring in triumph it turned away from the shattering stones and began to return to its routine. Pieces flew apart, heading back to the darkness, but one remained. The small stone tilted to the world and hurtle to the world surface. Flams swallowed the stone as it headed into the waters that swirled and foamed near the coastal area. Once the fire touch rock landed on the cool waters, steam and foam appeared around it and a massive explosion erupted.

The water sprayed around the land before the waves finally stop rolling. The sound of the wind calmed down before creatures of the land began to appear around the land and sea. The creatures grew use to the rock and completely ignored it. The sun began to set in the horizon on the world sending the ocean life into a deep slumber. Once the last of the light disappeared, the stone began to glow brightly. It began to crack and wobble under the water and soon it snap in half. A massive light burst through the water and flew into the land.

The land began to fly pass as the light traveled to a destination it was searching. Trees flew by along with birds and bugs flying by the light and soon homes began to appear in the distance. Several houses passed by and soon it stop suddenly in front a small house will a yellow wall and blue roof. A small garden grew grapes and vegetables. The light, pausing above the garden, flew into a fresh fruit, completely becoming absorb in is fruit. Above in the sky, though, the dragon flew normally, not knowing what had taken place.
I do not own any of the characters nor the pic, this is fan made
this is for :iconmirdeedee:
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February 1, 2012
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